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Dear all

I am John Lau. I study creature and computer when leisure since 1990 and 1997.

I have made since 2003. From very beginning, it just a nature website with photos, then add text and basic study of them.

Once the website have 10000 views in a year. I added the game in the website. It started from Javascript game, but I found the games too hard to code. So I use the famous game software in the time, it was flash game. I then spent day by day study on flash game and make over 300+ games. The website becomes famous in HK. Over 1 million views year in HK.

At the moment, I was still studying in degree. I didn't know much about outside world and even statistics tool.

All I had to do was solving the code problems for the games daily.

A special chance, I got the chance for school expo, while I promoted my website nature to primary school in HK. Special Thanks for the school.

Once I completed the event in School. I understand I had to make for kids about nature. I am not a famous person in HK. But I had to find a place to sharing my study in this 20 years time.

I then call to the book publisher to make my dream book for kids.

It was the Little creatures classroom (生物小教室)

While around 300 sold in market
and 600 share with school and kids in HK.

Then I join The
Environment protection website competition and I got prize

It made me more consist my further study in Nature and Computer.

I then using the Amazon kindle ebook for Sharing my further study.

It is great news!Robot kids book 2 is Award by Book Authority! Best Tinkercad Books of All Time

In 2015, I also made eco corner kidforum website balance my study.

Sharing 0.1 Bitcoin to the world for asking nature questions (10000 Satoshi each)

The react is 🔥

Then website changes to

Eco corner kidforum FB

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